Where do we post issues now, here or still on github

Will github continue to be the place to report issues?

for me i think its the best place as with forums issues get lost and the end user doesnt feel like its forgotten about

Good question!

This is something i’d like to keep to the Devs and something working out. Sometimes, users report something as a bug while in reality is something that is an “user error”. To distinguish that, i propose that we have questions here first and forward them to the github when its indeed a bug. That would also remove some clutter from Github.

I’d like to ask others on how to proceed on this :slight_smile:

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Problem with this approach and its used on the HA forum itself, people only want to do it in one place. Not ask here and then be told no, somewhere else, my preference would be issues directly to github and then if not genuine one directed here.
That way people with legitimate issues don’t feel like they are being fobbed off…

I do like forum idea for all other stuff and happy to have one

That goes the other way around too i guess. If someone feels it’s a genuine issue and told it’s not, they often get anoyed too. It’s a tricky one and i agree that there’s an issue.

Perhaps there’s a way we can “link” issues with forum posts?

Hi, this is indeed a complex topic where we need to figure out the details. My basic instinct is that things which result in code changes are good candidates for GitHub issues. These are perfect for tracking and also cross referencing with GitHub Pull Requests and Milestones.

From what we have seen in the past it’s not always clear in the beginning if a question or topic is in fact worthy to be an issue which developers can look into or is better handled as forum like user question. So maybe it might be a way to ask here or in Discord first and then decide further where to place bug reports/requests?

As @Mimiix mentioned linking between the worlds should help to create a bigger picture. On GitHub links already turned out to be very useful to keep track of topics.

Whatever is decided just needs to be a simple as approach as possible, to try not discourage people from reporting issue in the appropriate area. If we can link between the two all the better

And not to forget that you can also post on Discord - there are quite a lot of channels about deCONZ, phoscon, etc. I wonder how that plays with the forum and with GitHub. :wink: Any helpful advice is highly appreciated. :slight_smile: I think that it might take a while to find out what is best for the developers, contributors, and the community. Just be open with your communication and be patient. :smiley:

For me, Discord is for quick questions, Github is about code changes/bugs and the forum is for support ,advice / slowchat.

Time will tell what does what.

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I am glad for this post, since there are so many closed (!) issues on github that concearn stuff that is still in development, it is very confusing where to add feedback or where to ask about support regarding stuff.

This is especially true for new users and people not following the repo for months and ages :wink:

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That’s why we opened the forum :slight_smile:. Github is not the best environment to have feedback collected as it gets flooded and drowned quickly.

Hallo I am new to forums. and now i got the invitation to go somewhere here.
I got a Pi with HomeBridge and the homebridge-hue v0.13.17 plugin.
I noticed something strange on my status form. Can i put my question somewhere here?

Welcome! :slight_smile:

I am no moderator, but I would suggest that you ask there:

Good luck! :+1:

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Thank you. I will try again there