Update wrong? Please help me, i am beginner


I have done the following.

I have updated deconz.
Probably wrong.

I have a Raspi4b with Zigbee2.
“Important On Raspberry Pi 4B with a RaspBee you need to update the WiringPi package manually to version 2.52, otherwise the update will fail.”
This is this:"

I have done this!

But now I think that I didn’t need to do this with RaspBee 2. Then I did the other commands dadrucnter.

Now I have two instances. But I don’t have the IP.
I can’t access it. What do I have to do now?

And this ist my way:

Are you understand my problem?
I wait for you.

Hello, and no gateway are usable ? It seem the …209 is the good one.

But I don’t have the IP

It’s the ip I m seeing on your capture on the browser url …