Unable to find devices with RaspBee II

Perhaps this link can help you Conbee2 stick cannot be replaced with another one - #3 by manup

thank @Smanar , I will try this too (probably next monday this weekend I will be busy), but I don’t want to use my old backup. I’m ready to start from scratch.
I’ve tried also to reset some lights (Switch it OFF and back ON 6 times ) in order to connet to the raspbee… but it does not work anyway :frowning:

Can be from something broken in the network setting, but strange you have no error in logs about that.
Can install deconz on a desktop OS, on a PC machine for exemple, and compare your setting with the ones here https://github.com/dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin/wiki/Network-lost-and-configuration-restore-does-not-help (the last capture)

The network setting is written on the key, so you can move it on different OS.