Unable to connect to deconz-ui on headless RPi3

Hi there,

I’m trying to see the network map, which should be visiable from the deCONZ app on the RPi, but it’s unable to connect to it. The connect button stays grey and non-clickable on a headless install with X11 forwarded to another host.

I’m using firmware 0x26720700 on RaspBee 2 and 2.13.01-raspbian-stretch-beta of the deconz deb.

IDK how you do that, but remember you can’t have 2 deconz instance running in same time on the same host. So if you have an headless instance, you need to close it before launching the GUI one.

Which doesn’t work because it expects there to be an GUI, which it doesn’t find when forwarded via SSH.

I just launched the deconz app manually, and sometimes it has worked.

I have since moved to zigbee2mqtt.