Support for Tuya remote control (add DDF)

My problem:

I have bought this remote control on AliExpress. According to the shop it should be compatible with Conbee ii. When I pair it in the Phoscon app it is recognized as follows:

Vendor _TYZB01_qm6djpta

Product Remote control

Version 2020.10.9

However, in Home Assistant only the battery level is displayed, but no control switches. In Phoscon not even the battery level is shown.

On Discord I find that the device may be a Heiman HS1RC clone and it is also known as a Tuya TS0215.

The response from Support:

Dear Mr. van den Heurik,

Tuya itself is clearly supported as they use the Zigbee standard.
The problem with Tuya devices is, that they use the same Model ID for multiple devices. So an humidity sensor can be shown as a door sensor or a light.
We can solve this over a DDF File maybe. That for you have to open up a device request in our forum (link is my signature).
Our CC´s will guide you of what to do there.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best regards

Sebastian Klare

Can you please look into this?

Arnold van den Heurik

Hello, so bad news for you, the DDF support for battery switch is not finished yet, and the tuya cluster support will be after this feature.

@Gautama Not sure if the procedure you linked in there is correct… We would require all screens and such.

Thank you for your reply. Is there anything you can say about timing of the Tuya cluster support?

Which screens would you require?

Check the device request page on the wiki.

Hello colleagues,

I’m also interested, I couldn’t find it in device request, I created a request:

Thanks a lot,