Sonoff sensors disconnected - don't close please

UPDATE: I got sonoff sensors working by get ride of phoscon.

I bought a skyconnect device and now all sonoff sensors are working

My prev post was closed. Not sure why. Is some statistic to push you close threads? Please don’t (@Mimiix)
Again, my issue is the same: Sonoff sensors disconnected

Sorry I didn’t say that I have a raspbeeII (so that message about coinbee not sure what it is).

Answering @Smanar I have to say that yes, with all sonoff sensors. Look, now, after 6 days first disconnected:

And after some days, all will be disconnected.

If you need more context, logs or whatever I could try to give you.

I have no clue why it closed. My apologies. You want me to re open and merge ?

I reopened it, let’s continue there.

Ok, thank you very much. You can close this and we follow on: Sonoff sensors disconnected

I didn’t do it on purpose. Probably did something while scrolling.

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Yes, I understood. I tell you a real thank you :grinning: :pray:

And I told to close this and follow on the other. I already posted the info there.