Smart switch, dumb light

A smart switch that will have a normal bulb connected to it, appears as “light” (actually 3 lights ,as it’s a 3 gang) and not as a switch.

The plan was to hook 2 lights to gang 1 and 2 and use gang 3 as a “remote” but that seams to be impossible since it does not show as switch…
This worked well using a normal zigbee gateway and the SmartLife app. (but trying to move away from cloud apps)

On the main doc site it display the image of “switches” → “gateway” → “lights” without clarifying how a “dumb” light works in this case. (unless I missed smth…

I think that the implementation is correct here, but depending on the interpretation.

In your case, the switch actually is a light. Why is that? Because the device gets turned on and off itself, thus switching something else. Kinda like a smart socket: The socket itself is switching a device that’s attached to it. If this was a switch, than it would only send events and do nothing else. That’s not the case here.

What you need to do, is make a automation on the light it produces. Gang 3 is exposed as a light and is "on"or “off” in the rest api. That makes it the trigger of your automation.