Sensors from another gateway pairing to a phoscon II gateway

i have ca 530 sensors portioned in three networks called Rasp 1, Rasp 2, Rasp 3.
Each network is setup them the same: raspberry pi 4B 2GB, deCONZ, phoscon-II-stick. I had this three networks running for 3 years.

Now i overworked the Raspberries at home. As I brought the three raspberries back two of them repaired perfectly with their gateways and their senosrs (Rasp 2 and Rasp 3) .One does not (Rasp 1)
That means: The sensors appeared in the right gateway in phoscon but deCONZ does not connect.

INstead it seems that Rasp 1 connects to the gateways and sensors of Rasp 2 and Rasp 3. In the rasp1-phoscon app all these gateways are black (not gray) and have a connection symbol. Furthermore the sensors are reachable.

That means i can track with raspberry 1 the gateway and sensors from the raspberry 2 and 3 although i did not connect to this gateway nor pair the sensors to this phoscon stick.

If I check:
I see all three networks.

As a first response i deleted the other network on Raspberry 1 which was not a good idea, because i deleted them on the other raspberries too. Therefore I backed it up again.

So I am looking for a possibility to mute the other two gateways on raspberry 1 and disconnect the sensors, as I hope after that the phoscon stick recognizes the original paired sensor.

Or does anyone has an idea ?