[Release][Beta] 2.16.0 - Eath

This beta release is the successor of v2.15.3 version.

The release is for testing the changes before publishing in stable channel.


  • Fix typo in Orvibo CM10ZW DDF #6013
  • Fix processing rules referencing DDF devices #6021
  • Fix Xiaomi multi sensors exposing config/temperature: 0 #6025
  • Fix DA Tuya handler exposing received values to JS #6030
  • Fix lastseen attribute changes causing frequent database writes #6039
  • Fix Qt signal/slot issues #6040
  • Improve loading DDF sensor data from legacy DB tables #6022
  • DDF allow set “public” state of items differnt than generic item #6024
  • deCONZ::ZclAttribute fix bitmap/enum value handling.
  • Improve detection NWK address changes and ZDP discovery.
  • Show neighbor lines faster during discovery.

A special thanks to all contributors of the deCONZ GitHub community.

Just updated to this release.
Now I have many more green connections.

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