[Release][Beta] 2.15.2 - Temano

Changelog on [BETA] release with version 2.15.2

This beta release is the successor of v2.15.1-beta version.


  • DDF add door lock and warning device types #5963
  • DDF cosmetic and fixes #5964
  • DDF fix various ZHASwitch and sensor issues #5958
  • DDF correct Tuya RH3040 motion sensor #5970
  • DDF dresden elektronik FLS-PP lp raise status to gold #5971
  • DDF for OSRAM/Centralite Motion Sensor-A #5972
  • DDF for Sinope sp2610zb smart plug and TH1124ZB Thermostat #5924

A special thanks to all contributors of the deCONZ GitHub community.

-Dennis / @Mimiix#1337 / deCONZ