Problem with conbee II on Home Assistant


I have a problem from the deconz 6.19.0 update on my Home Assistant set-up: All my IKEA Praktlysning shades stops responding and have disappeared from Phoscon. I’m not sure if other components are affected, but IKEA Tredansen still working.
After reverting to version 6.18.0 everything is working, but it takes a few minutes before the Praktlysning shades are back in business.

I’ve been testing all updates from the 6.19.0 to the current (now on 6.22.0) with no change in behavior.

Anyone able to help me resolve this?


I have no idea what deconz versions that are. Can you post the deconz versions?

Additionally, can you share logs ? In deCONZ you can find out how to make those.

I guess the versions I listed is from the deconz Home assistant integration.
From what I can see last stable version for me was deconz 2.20.1.

Maybe a similar problem like this?
Issue with Ikea Fyrtur Roller Blind and Conbee II - General - deCONZ Community (

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here’s the version mapping between HA deconz plugin and deconz: