New IKEA TRÅDFRI LED bulbs turning themselves on

Successfully updated all my WW LED2103 (806lm) lights to 1.0.36. When the WS LED2201 (1055lm) was powered on, it triggered the LED2103 lights to switch on again. Maybe I need to update it too… How/where are you finding out how to source the firmware updates? My Google searches aren’t much use… Thanks for your efforts :slight_smile:

You have the complete list here

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Thanks - discovered this GitHub - dresden-elektronik/deconz-ota-plugin: Server side implementation of the standard Zigbee OTA protocol. and used the referenced Python to aid pulling down the IKEA F/W updates to ~/otau

Sadly with the firmware updates nothing had changed. Still random triggering and triggering from the 1055lm light power on.

I did more tests with the new bulbs but can’t re-create the issue :thinking:

The lights always stay off, only a power cycle or manually turning them on via Zigbee turn the light actually on.

When I leave on power on but off. And power cycle the other one they don’t affect each other here, it works normally.

Captured this log as I powered on the “Spare 1” (1055lm) light, catching the lights producing “Permit Join: 0” in the log. deconz_debug_2024-07-09T1134.log -

Is the log with updated lights? The version still shows as 0x01000025 mine shows 1.0.36.
(maybe the version haven’t been queried from basic cluster after the update)

Odd things going on… Within OTAU Update panel the deCONZ app they show as updated to 0x01000036 but yes they show as 0x01000025 in the logs and Phoscon app. I’m attempting another install but their “Progress” is sitting at “Idle”, not surprising though, if they think they’re already at 1.0.36.

When you read the Basic Cluster of the updated lights, it should also update the version shown in API/Phoscon App.

Currently the lights don’t have a DDF which makes this more automatic, I’m planning to add DDFs for the new Ikea devices in v2.28.x.