Moes MS-105Z Dim Switch does not react in group

Hello deCONZ community!

I’ve just paired my new Moes Tuya_DIMSWITCH MS-105Z (_TZE200_la2c2uo9) which has been already integrated with request #5152.

I can control it (on/off/dim) via the Phoscon app as a single device. That works fine. When I add it to an existing or new group it is not reacting to any group commands. When I turn the group on in the Phoscon GUI the bulb symbol turns yellow and the dimmer slider moves up but the device is not reacting.

I’ve tried on, off, dim higher, dim lower. The Ikea lightbulbs in the group are working normal but the dimswitch is not reacting at all.

Any ideas how to fix this? From the codebase it looks like the device does not have a DDF file.

Thanks and regards!

Hello, It’s a tuya device.
It use the tuya cluster for on/off when other device use the on/off cluster.
A group request is a broadcast request, so tuya devices can’t work with normal devices.

Hello Smanar

Thank’s a lot for your quick reply. Are there any other well know “platform providers” or manufacturas like tuya that do the same thing?

You can found some others exotics stuff, but only tuya make that in an industrial way.

Hello Smanar

Thanks for the clarification. I switch over to the Phoscon Kobold dimmer which works very well.