Is it normal that a ConBee II shows up as both a ConBee II and a RaspBee?

I’m running Deconz through Home Assistant with a ConBee II on a Raspberry Pi 4B. A few days ago my Aqara WXCJKG13LM switch stopped working and I haven’t managed to get it reliably re-paired since (and my other attempts to fix it has led to most of my sensors disconnecting as well). However, when looking at the Deconz log in Home Assistant, I noticed the following. Is this normal, or could this be part of the cause of my struggles? I don’t recall seeing this in earlier versions.

Firmware is 0x26720700; Deconz is 2.13.4.

[22:26:07] INFO: GCFFlasher V3_17 (c) dresden elektronik ingenieurtechnik gmbh
Path | Vendor | Product | Serial | Type
/dev/ttyACM0 | 0x1CF1 | 0x0030 | DE2217191 | ConBee II
/dev/ttyAMA0 | 0x0000 | 0x0000 | | RaspBee

Yep, I have same with conbee 1

GCFFlasher V3_17 (c) dresden elektronik ingenieurtechnik gmbh
Path             | Vendor | Product | Serial     | Type
/dev/ttyS0       | 0x0000 | 0x0000  |            | RaspBee
/dev/ttyUSB0     | 0x0403 | 0x6015  | DM01DYK7   | ConBee

Are you using USB extention cable and enought routers ? (try to avoid USB 3.0 port on the PI 4)

Interesting, thanks @Smanar. Yes, I’m using an 18" USB extension cable (I ordered a 3’ replacement in case it’s the cable causing issues – it should be here this weekend) and a USB 2 port on the Pi. I have a powered USB hub plugged into a USB 3.0 port with an SSD and a wireless keyboard/mouse dongle attached to it, which is placed away from the ConBee, so hopefully there isn’t any interference.

As of this morning, 1 of my 11 sensors is still connected and 0 of my 2 switches. I just tried re-pairing a switch and two sensors and nothing will re-pair.

Network settings:

INFO / ERROR / APS (normal and L2) logs, including a re-pairing attempt for a switch: 10:50:31:045 DEV no DDF for 0x00158D000578A8DE, modelId: lumi.weather10:50:31: -

Any idea what’s going wrong with my setup?

The new cable came. Apparently it was the cable causing issues, despite the old one working for the better part of the last two years. In case anyone has similar problems, the differences between the old and new USB extension cables were the following; I’m not sure which of these was the determining factor.

Old cable:

  • 1.5 ft
  • USB 3 rated
  • Hagibis brand (random cable off Amazon)
  • ConBee about 6 inches behind a monitor that is usually off

New cable:

  • 3 ft
  • USB 2.0 rated
  • Startech brand
  • ConBee away from anything else electrical