IKEA Knycklan DDF file

Hi, I was trying to get the IKEA Knycklan Water sensor alarm to function through IAS Zone Cluster.

I made a DDF file for it and copied the ZHAFire from a smoke-alarm item :slight_smile:
It kinda worked, I forgot to change state/fire to state/water and now in REST it says its a ZHAFire and got state/fire… but it works :smiley:
Do I have to delete the sensor in REST for it to be correct?

Please let me know if there is anything wrong with the file …


Hello, It’s the water vanne ?

I m seing state/water on your json, you have tried the “hot reload” command in the menu ?

You need too select at least “Bronze” as status to make it working.

Hi, water vanne?

First time it was set to fire and then I changed it, I think it’s stuck or something…
I had it set on Draft, will try to bump it up to at least Silver :+1:
Maybe I have to reboot…

I think “bronze” is enought ^^, for the moment just need something other thn “draft”

Maybe I have to reboot

If the hot reload don’t work, I think it mean it’s too late the device is already created in the API (and I don’t think the DDF core can make rollback on already created thing), so you probably need to delete it, and remake a “hot reload”.

BTW the DDF core is automaticaly disabled at all restart, And I don’t thing the reboot is needed.

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Awesome! I think this is the first community ddf :tada:

Nope, there’s another one

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