How to use Tuya TS011F units after v2.12.6

Hi hi,

I have a few Tuya based units that are working correctly with deCONZ v2.12.6.
Model Identifier TS011F.
Manufacturer shown as:

  • _TZ3000_zmy1waw6 - 1-gang
  • _TZ3000_pmz6mjyu - 2-gang

They show the name I assigned in Phoscon, and also show up as intended in Home Assistant.
Unfortunately, with any release after v2.12.6 they show up with a newly generated name (Power 29, or similar), and also show up with power related entities in Home Assistant, even though they don’t have any power metering functionality.

I think this is because there has been discussions on TS011F units in several places in the DDF context, and new functionality was introduced to deCONZ based on that.

So, my question is: How do I get my (different) TS011F units properly represented again in deCONZ and Home Assistant?
I expect DDF is the way to go, but I have no clue how to get that done.
I have seen the various bits and pieces of DDF documentation, but that hasn’t brought me a solution so far.

Please let me know how to get this sorted.
Thanks in advance for your support.


Presumably, the same as described here: Issue: Deconz becomes unresponsive when using DDF for Tuya TS011F Plugs - #5 by Swoop

I saw a pull request at github.
I assume that needs to be sorted for those Tuya devices to be working properly.
Thanks for that important step.
Anxious to see how that goes.