How to auto-lock the screen/session after start and reboot (Raspbian buster)?


Understanding that this is rather Raspbian- or even Debian-related from the technical perspective, I would like to ask you guys if you have added some auto-lock on your Raspberry devices (be it with ConBee/II or RaspBee/II), as with a start or reboot, the default user gets automatically logged in and deCONZ started, leaving the session open.

I don’t want to leave the session open but obviously cannot logout, as deCONZ would be terminated. After doing some research, I found that light-locker might be a good choice of screenlocker, but now I’m stuck, as I have no idea how to achieve that the sessions automatically gets locked after start/reboot of the device (a Raspberry Pi 2 in my case).

I appreciate hearing back from you, how you deal with this. Thanks a lot.

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