Errors in Deconz Debug View


I am seeing errors in Deconz Debug View. Could you help me understand what they mean and how can I fix them?

13:54:47:477 aps request id: 250 prf: 0x0104 cl: 0x0000 timeout NOT confirmed to 0x00158D00066940DB (0x1A6A)
13:56:20:180 aps request id: 97 prf: 0x0000 cl: 0x0001 timeout NOT confirmed to 0xBC33ACFFFEBB0D2B (0xF6ED)
13:59:57:120 DB sqlite3_exec failed: COMMIT, error: database is locked (5)
13:59:57:121 void DeRestPluginPrivate::saveDatabaseTimerFired(),6035: assertion ‘saveDatabaseItems == 0’ failed
14:00:04:106 void zmController::saveNodesState(),520: assertion ‘stmt’ failed
14:00:04:107 void zmController::saveNodesState(),521: assertion ‘rc == SQLITE_OK’ failed
20:35:02:159 unhandled APS-DATA.confirm id: 227 status 0xE1
21:57:35:646 unhandled APS-DATA.confirm id: 99 status 0xE1
22:13:31:348 unhandled APS-DATA.confirm id: 55 status 0xE1
22:52:30:713 aps request id: 234 prf: 0x0104 cl: 0x0006 timeout NOT confirmed to 0xBC33ACFFFEA2E8D3 (0xE1CD)
22:56:00:723 unhandled APS-DATA.confirm id: 252 status 0xE1
01:23:51:614 unhandled APS-DATA.confirm id: 59 status 0xE1
02:37:58:123 DB sqlite3_exec failed: COMMIT, error: database is locked (5)
02:37:58:124 void DeRestPluginPrivate::saveDatabaseTimerFired(),6035: assertion ‘saveDatabaseItems == 0’ failed
04:21:24:666 unhandled APS-DATA.confirm id: 111 status 0xE1
11:24:37:309 unhandled APS-DATA.confirm id: 226 status 0xE1

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0xE1 MAC channel access failure

Indicates interference issues when displayed very often. It is issued when a message couldn’t be send due the medium (air) is too busy, the radio uses a listen-before-talk mechanism before sending out any message.


  • Using a ConBee II without an USB extension cable.
  • USB 3.0 interference, using a USB 3.0 disk near to a ConBee II. This has a dramatic effect to 2.4 GHz radios when in close proximity. See Intel’s white paper.
  • Overlapping Zigbee and WiFi channels. Learn more about it in Zigbee and WiFi interference
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Thank you!

What about the following errors. They look like a database errors. Do you know where this might come from, consquences and how should I fix them?

From that I m reading (but I don’t know how deconz manage the SQL part) it just mean deconz can’t save information on the database. Can come from deconz (it don’t need to happen, if it s from deconz , it s probably a bug) or direclty your OS.

Your configuration is persistant ? You don’t loose device when restarting ?

I don’t think it s database corruption, because the lock is from an application that use the database (and lock it for itslef)

You have them regulary ?

Thank you for your answer. I am not loosing devices at restart. Maybe only some of the save attempts are failing. The behaviour is consistent. I just checked the log and in the meantime I have a newer error:
16:39:19:167 DB sqlite3_exec failed: COMMIT, error: database is locked (5)
16:39:19:168 void DeRestPluginPrivate::saveDatabaseTimerFired(),6035: assertion ‘saveDatabaseItems == 0’ failed

Could you advice what to do to further investigate and fix? I have programming knowledge but I have 0 knowledge on deconz.

I can’t answer, idk if it s something normal.
I have enabled logs on my side to see if I have same message (with error and error_l2 ?)
What is your deconz version ? You are sure not having 2 instances running ?

Yes. The errors appear with “error” and “error_l2”. My deconz is v2.18.0-beta running or raspberry pi
I do not have 2 instances running:

pi@phoscon:~ $ ps aux | grep -i deconz
root       369  0.3  0.3   8332  3412 ?        Ss   Aug25   9:40 /bin/bash /usr/bin/
root       411  0.2  0.3   8064  3056 ?        Ss   Aug25   6:42 /bin/bash /usr/bin/
root       430  0.1  0.2   7804  2800 ?        Ss   Aug25   4:45 /bin/bash /usr/bin/
root       684  0.1  0.3   7936  2960 ?        Ss   Aug25   3:13 /bin/bash /usr/bin/
pi        1302  6.8  9.1 323656 86444 ?        Ssl  Aug25 180:57 /usr/bin/deCONZ --http-port=80
pi       17433  0.0  0.0   7476   568 pts/0    S+   09:43   0:00 grep --color=auto -i deconz

I m still on 2.16 ^^
But I haven’t thoses error on my side since the last post (no error at all)

If someone else can take a look (with the 2.18) ? Just need to enable flag “error” and “error_l2” ?

You can stop hunting ghosts. This is perfectly normal if they occur only occasionally.