E27 (US) Color Bulbs that are compatible?

Can anyone recommend some standard RGB / RGBCCT bulbs that are compatible with deconz/phoscon?

There are some cheap zigbee bulbs on eBay/AliExpress that I’d use for accents only, and also looking for some better quality brighter ones for lamps.

I’m looking to expand my home automation and I have Wifi bulbs now, but want to start moving to Zigbee for new devices.

If you have Ikea in your area, try out their zigbee products, deconz supports them. Ikea should have an e-shop in the US too.

Thanks, we don’t have one near us. The US shop prices are expensive for 800 lumen. $20US for the bulb and $6US shipping. I could get a 2 pack of DOGAIN zigbee bulbs at Amazon for $24US, but I don’t know if they’d work. I could get those and add another device request if they don’t work, I suppose. I’m starting to get quite a collection. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

To answer my own question and help others, I ordered a $10 RGBCW E27 bulb from eBay. It was unbranded, but it seems most of these are eWeLink ZB-CL01 bulbs. It works perfectly with deCONZ. I added it to the wiki.

EDIT: and just arrived from US Amazon, the Seedan Zigbee RGBCW E27 are a little more at $11.50ea, but appear to be these same eWeLink bulbs as above sold and stocked by them in the US (faster delivery).

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