Deconz service pauses occasionally

I`m troubled with service interruptions from deconz service on a virtual debian 10 machine using iobroker. The service might run a whole day or stops a few times a day, I wasn’t able to correlate it to other events.
Finally I found that when the problem occours the phoscon app is not serving the webpage and the iobroker deconz adapter is diconnected while “sysctl status deconz” shows the service as running. I activated the log and pasted a part of it, which covers the timeframe of an outtake.

Can sb help me out to find the problem or what more information I could gather?

Looks like the stick is remounted by the machine. It says device disconnected reason: 1

Perhaps there’s a process on your VM host that reattaches the stick?

I`m not aware what process would reattach the stick.
Is there a way to identify a process that disturbs the service?

Ok, just found out that the VM Host knows about the problem:

Can I assume that there is a hardware error?

No, not normally.

Do you use a extension cable?

What device is the Host?

Additionally, i recommend updating the firmware. Update deCONZ manually · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin Wiki · GitHub

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firmwareupdate has been successful, but the problem persists.

The setup is:
freebsd host (Supermicro X11SSM-F, i3-6300, 64 GB ECC-RAM)-> debian VM (running iobroker & deconz, 5GB RAM) → extension cable → conbee 2