Deconz loses some (many) devices

Today suddenly Deconz begins to don’t speak to some devices.
They appear alive in Home Assistant and Phoscon too but if you try to give them some commands they don’t do those.
I was with the last beta (2.16.0-beta) and downgraded to 2.15.3 to try to fix but issue still remains.
Tried to reset devices involved (F5)
This is an example after the reset:
It should be a cool/warm light

Another one:
It should be a dimmer
The firmware in use is 0x26770700

Hello, no change on your configuration ? (adding a SSD ?)
You are using the USB extension cable ?
Can you provide some logs ? with “info” “info_l2” and “aps” , “error” “error_l2” ?

Nothing changed.
I solved the problem disabling SOURCE ROUTING.
Now the questions is: Why did source routing produce this problem after months?

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Is it normal Source Routing lines are still visible after 15 hours?

Moved to Deconz - general support.