deCONZ Hue Wall Switch not working after reboot

Hi there,

Am I correct that the kindy new Hue Wall Switch isn’t supported yet by deCONZ?

I do manage to pair the switch with my deCONZ stick, but after a restart of Home Assistant I loose any control of the switch. deCONZ still shows that the switch is connected but by pressing the buttons on the switch nothing happens. I have to re-pair the switch again.



The needed device is supported nearly since the release Supported Devices · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin Wiki · GitHub
I suspect that it may be due to the Home Assistant integration. Do other devices work?

Btw: which Firmware (and also which Gateway) do you run and the deCONZ Version will be nice.

Thank you for helping out.

I believe the Hue Wall Switch is still connected to my gateway because in the deCONZ software I see the blue light flashing when I press the wall switch. I do not see any activity within Home Assistant though. I’ve 30+ Zigbee devices connected and controlled through Home Assistant and only the Hue Wall Switch isn’t working after a reboot.

I’m running deCONZ version 2.19.3 with Conbee II stick gateway which is on version 26720700.