Danfoss Ally Enable local temperature calibration

hello everyone I would like to know if you can change the att value. 0x0010 local temperature calibration


You can’t, Danfoss doesn’t use that attribute. Alternatively, attribute 0x040B can be taken. Note the boundaries of ±25 (meaning 2.5° max).

Thanks, but does the value of attribute 0x040B -2.5 affect the setpoint or the current temperature ??

None of the attributes has any effect on the setpoint values.

hello and thanks, I remember that last year you could change the value in the clauser 0x0010 in deconz.
I notice that even if you transmit the temperature from an external sensor id 0x4015, the valve modulates also taking into account the id 0x0000.
I would like to avoid this by modifying that value on id 0x0010 which turns out to be RW.

it cannot be reactivated.

Thank you

What more can I do other that telling you that the attribute 0x0010 does not exist on the Danfoss and giving you the alternate solution? :slight_smile:

ok thanks :sweat_smile: