Can't connect to deCONZ


I’m connecting to the deCONZ application on my Raspi 4 via VNC - which was a journey of itself. But hey, I’ve got it running!

I can see the Conbee 2 device (which works btw) and the app responds with “successfuly connected to device” after I click the button. But a second later I’m back at the connection screen.

Am I doing something wrong here?

Does it show In deconz?

I can see the Conbee 2 device

So yes, it shows in deCONZ.

So you have USB disconnection every 5 s ? Make a try on a PC, if you have same issue, update the firmware.

(sorry, I m trying to guess your issue, with the infos you give)

You mean that Phoscon says ready, but afterwards it doesn’t show there?

Hi again!

So I have this screen:

That should be the latest deCONZ main version. I also updated the Conbee II.

When I click “connect” I’m seeing this screen:

(see next post, can’t post it here)

But only for one or two seconds – then I’m back on the login screen without any notification what went wrong. The stick itself works, all my devices are connected and working. I could use a different machine but that should not be necessary in my opinion.

OS is Raspian “Buster” on a PI 4.

I think you have 2 deconz running.

Yep it s possible. Can you try

ps ax | grep deCONZ

Making the try on a PC is good way, if it work, it s not a firmware issue.