Bosch Radion multi-sensor

Hi. I tried pairing the Bosch Radion multi-sensor (RFMS-ZBMS) with deconz using the phoscon add sensor menu. I tried this multiple times, and phoscon didn’t detect it at all.

However, I have a hubitat hub, and it immediately paired with it on the first try. Here’s what the hubitat says about it:

Here is the info on the device from the Hubitat hub:

endpointId: 01
model: RFMS-ZBMS
application: 0E
firmwareMT: 1133-002A-12005704
softwareBuild: 12005704
manufacturer: Bosch

Device Network ID is 5561, and reads like a generic Zigbee Contact sensor

I’ve never had an issue with phoscon not seeing a sensor like this.